Want to Reduce Your Tax Burden?

We are able to offer our clients a wide variety of financial and investment services, enabling them to retire at a younger age with a higher net worth. We offer services and products ranging from:

  • Reduced variability through diversified portfolios
  • Broad choice of funds to meet virtually any investment objective
  • Strong performance track record
  • Easily bought and redeemed (highly flexible)
  • Investment funds (registered and non-registered), GICs RRSP loans
  • RESPs, RRIFs, tax reduction strategies
  • We offer a free initial consultation(1hr.) to discuss goal setting and investment strategies, and client/advisor expectations
  • Low risk, well diversified portfolio management
  • Broker of over 1500 different investment funds investment products

TIP: In the 1998 federal budget, the Government of Canada initiated a Millennium Scholarship Fund that would add a 20% grant to contributions in a Registered Education Savings Plan up to a maximum of $ 400 per year. There is the ability to carry forward unused contributions from last year to receive up to $ 800 in 1999.

Investing in the RESP does not have the same restrictions as an RRSP, you do not have to maintain 80% Canadian content in the investments. Therefore you are free to invest 100% in a global environment. This reduces the risk in the portfolio, and allows the investment to have a smoother appreciation over time.

I would suggest discussing the options available with a professional investment manager to ensure that your goals and objectives are being met. Time is the most important factor in investing.

Why not invest a little time in your future and call us? We can be reached at 705-721-7781 or 1-866-721-7781.