Protect Your Income Earning Potential

Many people understand the need to insure their car or house, but many people fail to insure the most important thing, the income earner who generates the income required to buy those things and produce an adequate income for your family and loved ones.

In fact, people tend to fail to acknowledge just how important their earning potential is to their families, dependents, or future family members. The reality is that we represent unearned millions to our families. Their continued well being or future well being of our families, is dependent on that person's ability to earn an income. Unfortunately, death interrupts our ability to earn an income completely.

A person who is 35 years old and who works for another thirty years earning $50,000.00 per year will earn $1,500,000. Losing this person means a significant change!

People see this readily, but more often than not, choose to do nothing about it. They continue to insure their cars, houses and other property and ignore the consequences of their own deaths.

Though a number of leading, Canadian insurance companies, J.C. Mitchell Insurance Group can provide:

  1. Help protect against financial disaster
  2. Provide precise dollars at a specific and precise time
  3. Enjoy considerable tax sheltering
  4. Offer you benefits while you still live

Looking after your future and the future of your family.