J.C. Mitchell Financial Services Inc. is not a licensed broker in the province of Ontario for property / casualty products, such as Contractor liability, home, auto, boat. Note though that both Jeff Mitchell and Joe Finley of our J. C. Mitchell Financial  Services Team are fully RIBO licensed brokers and senior partners of Stoneridge Insurance Brokers (Barrie).  And as such, are both qualified to assist with and quote any and all of your general insurance needs and requirements.
Both Joe and Jeff have their CAIB designations; and Jeff was recently inducted as an Honorary Member of Independent Brokers Association of Ontario. StoneRidge Insurance Brokers (Barrie) has a team of 20 professional ready to assist you.
Please call or email Jeff directly at 866-721-7781 / jmitchell@stoneridgeinsurance.ca

Home Sweet Home

Don't get Caught Short

It's much more than a roof over your head. It's a source of comfort and security for you and your family. Here are a few things you should consider in choosing a homeowners insurance program.

A lot of people buy home insurance because their lender requires it as a condition of the mortgage. But what is it that you're actually buying? Not all insurance programs are created equal.

Purchasing amounts of insurance that reflect the full replacement value of everything you own is without a doubt the single most important thing you can do to protect yourself. Remember, the amount of insurance on your home itself will be different from the sales price, which included the price of the land on which your house is built. Guaranteed Replacement Cost for your building is one of the most important coverages available to a homeowner. You can qualify for this coverage by insuring your home to 100% of its full replacement value. If you do, then we will pay the full claim, even if it is more than the the amount of insurance on the building! Make sure this is shown on your policy. The Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage applies only to your building - not to your personal property.

Another thing to be aware of ­ not all insurance policies cover theft. As our population in Canada grows, especially around southern and central Ontario, we are seeing more break and enter claims every year. It's a sad fact of life, but it is a very good idea to make sure you include theft coverage in your insurance program. While some policies may cover theft, it is almost impossible in Ontario to get home insurance coverage for some important but common occurrences, things like flooding or water damage from a leak in the roof or a burst water pipe under the sink.

We urge you to purchase replacement cost coverage for your personal property (i.e. the contents of your dwelling and personal effects). Otherwise, the basis of settlement will be "actual cash value" which means that we will apply depreciation to the damaged property when establishing values.

Remember, if you have a woodstove, it is important to have it properly inspected, otherwise your insurance policy could be NULL and VOID. Some municipalities have laws that govern how high you can build a house, what materials you have to use, or even where you can build it. Check this out with the municipality before you build and have your home properly inspected by the municipal building inspector. If we have to rebuild your house to different standards, this can increase the amount of your claim significantly.