J.C. Mitchell Financial Services Inc. is not a licensed broker in the province of Ontario for property / casualty products, such as Contractor liability, home, auto, boat. Note though that both Jeff Mitchell and Joe Finley of our J. C. Mitchell Financial  Services Team are fully RIBO licensed brokers and senior partners of Stoneridge Insurance Brokers (Barrie).  And as such, are both qualified to assist with and quote any and all of your general insurance needs and requirements.
Both Joe and Jeff have their CAIB designations; and Jeff was recently inducted as an Honorary Member of Independent Brokers Association of Ontario. StoneRidge Insurance Brokers (Barrie) has a team of 20 professional ready to assist you.
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Many Ways to Shop & Buy

With today's fast pace and busy lifestyles, who's really got the time to shop around for auto insurance? At the best of times, auto insurance can be difficult to shop for, and rates can vary widely from company to company. As an independent broker, let us do the shopping for you from amongst Canada's leading insurance companies to get you the best rates and coverage package to suit your needs.

You can use our online quote form to receive a free, no obligation auto insurance comparison (Estimator) 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week. Just take about 15 minutes to fill out the form and one of our account reps will call you back later that day, or the very next day, with a quote. If you like what you hear you can order it right over the phone.

A range of coverages with choices on limits and deductibles.*

  • Liability coverage in case you're sued as a result of an auto accident
  • Collision & Comprehensive coverage in case your car is damaged or stolen
  • Medical Payments coverage in case someone is hurt in your car
  • Uninsured & Underinsured Motorists coverages in case you're hit by someone who doesn't have insurance at all or who doesn't have enough insurance to cover the damage they cause you (respectively)
  • Personal Injury Protection Insurance (as required by state)

Some Things You Should Know About Insurance in Ontario

What is the Law About Auto Insurance?

Anyone who owns a licensed vehicle in Ontario is required by law to carry at least minimal insurance coverage. In Ontario, ever driver is required by law to have a minimum liability covarage of $200,000. As of November 1, 1996, if you're caught driving without insurance in Ontario, you could be subject to fines of up to $50,000.

It's to ensure that every driver on the road has someone behind them who will be able to pay for any damages that they might cause, or to help pay medical bills for injured people and get them back on their feet - whether it's the driver who is injured, or someone else.

The "No Fault" System

No-fault insurance was introduced in Ontario in June of 1990. Prior to this, it was necessary to first determine who was at fault, which sometimes even necessitated going to court, before-collision victims could be compensated. Victims could suffer long delays before receiving any compensation. Under no-fault insurance, victims can begin receiving compensation for their injuries almost immediately, regardless of who was at fault. The need for costly, time consuming litigation is eliminated for most cases.

Premium Discounts for Retirees

If you are 65 years of age or older, you may be eligible to receive a reduced premium. Even if you're younger than 65, if you are retired, receiving a Canada or Quebec Pension, or a pension registered under the income tax act, you may also be eligible for the retiree's discount. Ask your broker about it.

The Fault Chart

No fault means quicker, more efficient settlement of claims - it does not mean no responsibility. Insurance companies use a "fault chart" which is set by the Highway Traffic Act. The fault chart details different accident scenarios, and sets out in each case the degree to which each driver is responsible. Note that a driver may actually be at-fault for insurance rating purposes even if no charges were laid by police. Generally speaking , if you are responsible for causing an accident as determined by the fault chart, you can expect your insurance premium to eventually go up.

Insurance Risk Points

Insurance Risk Points are accumulated for "at-fault" accidents, traffic convictions, and other insurance experience. They are not the same as driver's licence demerit points. If the principal driver of the vehicle insured has limited driving experience, some events count for more Insurance Risk Points.